How to take a screenshot in iOS,Android,Windows and Mac OsX

Nowadays many people using various platforms to do various tasks like blogging, chatting, mailing, gaming and many more and everyone want to share some special things which they have done on it or want to save it for them to savor it so many people use to take screenshots. No matter what platform(operating system) or device(mobile, PC or mac) you are using you can take screenshots on all of them and can also share it with your pals.

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on your device then today in this article we will show you how take a screenshot on your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX devices.

First let’s start with iOS (iPhone)

To take a screenshot in iPhone you just need to press home button and sleep button simultaneously. After that your screen will flash and that’s it you are done.
To locate the screenshot you had just captured go to the photos app and scroll down there you will find a folder named Screenshots (only if you are using iOS 8 and above)

Now lets see how to take a screenshot in android device

Android based devices have vast range of their own specifications as their provided by their manufacturer company so there is not a one definite way to capture screenshot in it so today we will tell you two most common methods use to take a screenshot in your android device(But it may vary as per your device’s manufacturer settings)

(1) First method is for devices which are running on Android 4.0 or later.

 Hold down the Lock/Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 1-2 seconds and you will see a screen flash and on top the display you will see saving a screenshot.


(2) This method applies for most of the android devices like most of the Samsung and other devices.

Hold down the Home and Power/Lock buttons simultaneously for 1-2 seconds and that’s it you are done and you can see the screen flash and saving screenshot banner at top of device’s display.


Now if you want to find your screenshot then open gallery and there you will find a folder named “Screenshots” tap on it and you will find your screenshot there.

Now lets see about taking a screenshot in Windows PC or Laptop

There are three ways that used for three different purposes to capture a screenshot in  windows

(1) To capture whole screen’s screenshot just press windows key + Prnt Scrn Key(Prnt Scrn key is located at right top corner of you keyboarded) simultaneously and you will see screen flash. That’s it

You can find this screenshot in My computer(My PC is you are using windows 10) -> Pictures -> screenshot folder.

(2) If you want to take a screenshot of only one tab then just click on that tab and press Alt + Prnt Scrn and then open Paint and press Ctrl + V and you will see your captured screenshot of your desired tab

(3) If you want to capture a screenshot of only partial field of your screen then Snipping Tool will help you.


  • To open sniping tool just press windows key and start menu will pop up ther in the search field type Snipping and you will see a Snipping Tool result on top of the search result bar. Just click on it to open.
  • Now here you will see the New option with scissor icon click on it and you will see whole screen getting blurred.

Now select the area you want to capture and then click on save icon which looks like floppy disk.

Now lets take a look how to capture screenshot in MacOSX

Here also we will look three ways to capture screenshot.

(1) To capture a screenshot of full screen simply press Shift+Command (⌘)+3 and that’s it you are done. You can see your captured screenshot on desktop as .png file.

(2) To capture a screenshot of only selected area of your screen then just press Shift-Command (⌘)-4 and your pointer will turn into crosshair (Pointer which allows to drag and select specific area).


(3) If you want to capture a screenshot only of any desired tab then just press Shift-Command (⌘)-4 and then press the space bar and the crosshair will turn into camera icon and now just point this camera icon the tab you want to capture and click to capture.


That’s it hope now you have all the information about taking a screenshot in various platforms and devices and this guide helped you throughout.

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