How to format Laptop/PC with windows 7, 8, 10

Do you want to upgrade your computer or got tired with slow and sluggish performance of your PC then here you will find step by step guide how to format and/or upgrade your pc with windows.

STEP 1:- Backup your data

First of all you have to backup all your necessary files,folders and documents on C: drive because formatting will erase all your data from C: drive and you can use USB pen drive or CD to backup all your data.

Step 2:- Setting up BIOS settings to boot from USB or CD/DVD

First restart your PC, when your PC get starts press F2, F10, F12, and Del to enter in BIOS menu. In that menu set your priority boot as CD/DVD if you want to boot from from it.

Or if you want to boot from USB pen drive then select BOOT from Removable Storage

After that save the settings and exit from BIOS menu.

Step 3:- Start your setup

After completing above steps if you have correctly inserted your CD/DVD or USB pen drive then you will see a screen like below and then press any key to begin your setup.

Step 4:- See windows files are loading 

After completing above step you will see windows files are loading

Step 5:- Choose appropriate preferences

In this step you have to set appropriate preferences like  your language, your time zone & Currency format, and Keyboard-input method. After setting up click Next.

Step 6:- Start installing 

In this step you have to click install now to start installation process but remember do not click “Repair your computer”.

Step 7:- Accept licence terms 

In this step you have to click on “I accept licence terms” and then click Next.

Step 8:-

In this step windows will ask what type of  installation you want so have to click “Custom(advance)”

Step 9:- Format the partition

In this step windows will ask “Where do you want to install Windows?”

Select the partition where you want to install windows(Select the partition of your existing operating system).

After selecting appropriate partition click “Drive options (advanced)”. After this click on “Format” option to format your partition and click on “Next”

Step 10:- Windows files installation

After completing above step windows will stat installing files and this process will take up to 30 minutes and also your computer will restart several times.

Step 11:- Finishing the installation

After windows successfully installs all the files your computer will restart again and you will see a window like below and will show that setup is preparing your computer for first use, loading drivers and checking video settings.

Step 12:- Entering details 

After windows completes loading all drivers and necessary settings you will see a window like below where you have to enter your username and then click Next.

After entering your username windows will ask to set your password.This is optional you can set a password or can skip this step by clicking Next.

After this windows will ask you to enter a product key. Enter a product key then hit Next.(Windows will verify your product key when next time you connect to internet)

Now windows will ask you to select update option. Click on “Use recommended settings” and windows will take you to the next step

In this step set your date and time and hit Next

Now windows will ask for network selection. We recommend you to select “Home Network”

Now everything is successfully accomplished and windows will take you to your desktop.

Congratulations you’ve successfully formatted your computer and installed windows.

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